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Jim McClenahan
Director of Corporate Outreach & Relations
(775) 784-4852

Christine Adelaja

(775) 682-9149

Erica Chamberlain

(775) 682-9147

Nha Lam
(775) 682-9149

Stallar Lufrano
Director of Career Services
(775) 682-9144

Whether a student, alum or an employer, we hope to serve as the channel through which you connect to talent and provide resources to meet your career and employment needs. Please use the tools, information, and opportunities available through this site to meet your individual requirements.

If you would like to discuss how the office can customize an approach to meet your goals, please contact us at or (775) 682-9149 to arrange an appointment.

We are open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. We are located in the Student Outreach Center, Ansari Business Building Room 407.

The student outreach center connects and networks business students with the business community by offering experiential learning and development by creating internship and career opportunities, attracting corporate partners to our students.  We enhance enrollments in graduate programs through successful outreach, and enrich students' experience through the multiple national and international academic programs.

The Student Outreach Center provides career resources for graduate and undergraduate business students. These services include internships, independent studies, job shadowing, resume critique, mock interviews, career related events and networking. We also provide professional skill training to prepare students for the workforce and/or graduate school as well as opportunities to network within the local business community. For more information about these services please visit our resources page or contact one of our exceptional staff members.

1.       Create successful networking and career focused events
2.       Offer opportunities to build skills to make each COB student career ready
3.       Increase paid internship opportunities
4.       Increase alumni engagement in the College
5.       Increase EMBA enrollment
6.       Provide value to engage the Corporate Partners of the College of Business


Student Outreach Center - College of Business

Laura Gaudet

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University of Nevada

Kayla Banda

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